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Crochet Kits

Leither Co. presents the Leither Collection.

  Everything you need to start your next crochet project!  Including handmade crochet hook, hand dyed yarn, coordinating crochet patterns, stitch marker, bonus video tutorials and sometimes bonus items are included.  

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We have limited spots available!  


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When will I receive my first box?

We have limited spots available!  The next set of boxes will ship out December 15th!

How often will I get this box?

Boxes ship out on or around the 15th of every month.

Will it be different every month?

Yes, you will receive a new themed box every month.  The yarn colorways will be different, as well as the hooks (if you purchase as deluxe box).   

Will I receive what I see in the photos?

No, your box will be a surprise.  These photos are for promotional purposes, so that you see samples of what you may receive. 

What crochet hook size will it be?

The crochet hook size will be one of the 15 US standard sizes from 2.25mm-10mm, It takes approximately 16 months before you see a crochet hook sizes repeated.  

What kind of yarn and how much will be inside my box?

Every month we use different yarn weights from sock/fingering, sport, dk, worsted and bulky creating a new colorway each month.  You will receive one full luxurious 100 gram hand dyed merino skein of yarn. 

If you want more than one skein, you can select a subscription option that has extra skeins.  

I can't find the cotton option

Cotton is currently sold out to new subscribers. 

What kind of crochet patterns are included?

I try to design a variety of projects.  Inside the box there will be a one skein crochet pattern and a two skein crochet pattern.  If the crochet pattern that is included isn't something you would like to make, you can take the yarn and make a different kind of crochet pattern.  We have free crochet patterns on our blog at or you can find crochet patterns in our store at  

How much is shipping?

Free Shipping is included in all of our subscription boxes within the US!!  We ship world wide, if you are outside the US, additional shipping will apply based on your location. If you are outside the US, please allow an additional 1-3 weeks to receive your box after we ship it. 

When does my subscription renew?

Renewal date is the 20th of the month, so if you want to make a change/skip/cancel to your subscription it must be done by the 19th.  Why? In order for us to insure boxes go out on time with all the different options we offer we begin hand dyeing the yarn and making the crochet hooks before renewal occurs and then after renewal the subscription is processed to begin packaging.

We understand financial situations may change but we do NOT offer refunds as we have already begun the process of fulfilling the subscription box order.

Do you take returns?

At this time we do not take returns, we try to offer our subscription boxes at an amazing price and by doing so we can't take returns! 

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel anytime by logging into your account and canceling.  When you cancel, you will be cancelling for future renewals not to occur. If you have already paid for a box, you will still receive that box.  If you purchased a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription you can cancel from being charged again after the pre-pay term is up. However, it will not cancel/refund the future boxes that you have already been paid for, you will still receive those boxes.