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Crochet Hooks

Leither Co. presents the Leither Collection.  All the goodies you need to start a Leither Crochet Hook Collection, along with a pattern and more to make your project! 

We have limited spots available!  The deluxe box will ship out July 15th and the next hook or yarn box will ship out July 20th!


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2. Get Excited

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3. Crochet

Get Hooked with your new crochet hook and pattern! 

Get Hooked

Join the fun and get a gorgeous hand turned crochet hook to add to your collection and more!


When will I receive my first box?

We have limited spots available!  The next deluxe box will ship out August 15th and the hook and yarn box will ship out August 20th!   

How often will I get this box?

Deluxe boxes ship out on the 15th of every month and hook and yarn boxes ship out on the 20th of every month. 

Will it be different every month?

Yes, you will receive a new hook design and size every month along with a new exclusive pattern! If you choose the deluxe box, you will receive hand dyed yarn and an additional goody every month. 

Will I receive what I see in the photos?

No, your box will be a surprise.  These photos are for promotional purposes, so that you see samples of what you may receive. 

What crochet hook size will it be?

The crochet hook size will be one of the 15 US standard sizes from 2.25mm-10mm, It takes approximately 16 months before you see a crochet hook sizes repeated.  

How much is shipping?

Each deluxe box is $6 and Just a Hook and Just a Yarn box is $3.75 shipped within the US.  We ship world wide, if you are outside the US, additional shipping will apply based on your location. If you are outside the US, please allow an additional 1-3 weeks to receive your box after we ship it. 

When does my subscription renew?

Renewal date is the 20th of the month, so if you want to make a change to your subscription it must be done by the 19th.  Why? When you sign up or renew your subscription we then order supplies to make your custom crochet hook and then we begin making it. We understand financial situations may change but we do NOT offer refunds as we have already begun the process of making your crochet hook.